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Charities & Orgs


Cranes for Change donated 100% of its proceeds to the following organizations. Please check them out!

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✨46 Mott Street Bakery✨ has been providing hot (and delicious!!) meals to seniors and anyone in need in Chinatown for FREE during COVID-19; in addition to donating meals to hospitals and essential workers, just to name a few. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet Patrick Mock, who manages 46 Mott, during a campaign I was working on. They’re truly doing fantastic work. These meals cost $3 each to prepare, and are funded through their Venmo, @Mott-46! Please consider making a donation (and get earrings!!)

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✨ Welcome to Chinatown ✨ is a grassroots initiative to support Chinatown businesses which suffered a rapid decline in business as a result of COVID-19 and increased xenophobia. The prolonged impact of COVID-19 poses a great risk to accelerate the gentrification of Chinatown, the displacement of its residents, and the shuttering of its businesses. Their Longevity Fund aims to fundraise $200,000 (we’ve got 166k to go!) for the distribution of grants to Manhattan Chinatown’s small business. It will distribute $5000 grants to 40 small businesses to alleviate their overhead costs (rent, labor, insurance, utilities, etc.) they will prioritize the most at-risk business based on socioeconomic barriers that have prevented them from applying for assistance programs. 

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Send Chinatown Love✨ aims to provide an online platform to low-tech, cash-only Asian-owned small businesses that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. Support local merchants by making a donation/purchasing a voucher from them. Their merchants include community pillars such as Wonton Noodle Garden, Grand Tea Imports, Lanzhou Ramen, 47 Division Street Trading Inc, and Sun's Organic Garden, among others. 

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✨Think! Chinatown✨ aims to strengthen Chinatown's capacities as a strong & vibrant immigrant neighborhood of NYC. Their mission is to build inter-generational community through civic engagement, storytelling & the arts. Their newest project, Assembly for Chinatown, is a collaboration with the architecture studio @aplusaplusa to bring low cost, compliant, and cute open-air dining solutions for Chinatown restaurants. The city’s open air dining program has been a challenge for restaurants as the city opens up- restaurant owners are faced with learning about new outdoor dining practice, designing new a dining space, sourcing materials, managing construction while trying to navigate shifting health standards and DOT regulation. City officers have been walking the streets, handing out $1000 fines for violations, compelling restaurants to rebuild their outdoor dining within 24 hours if they want to keep their dining space in operation, all costing restaurant owners more money while already running low on cash. Each outdoor space costs $1200-$1500 to construct. Everything helps!!

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✨Sticky Locals✨ is a collective of artists and entrepreneurs creating artwork in collaboration with local favorites to fundraiser and raise awareness for AAPI charities, non-profits, and businesses affected due to COVID-19. Each sticker gives back and every purchase is a donation to an AAPI organization.

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